Overhead shot of Mother's Day Tussie Mussie

Tussie Mussies are old fashioned victorian bouqets of flowers full of meaning. Any proper woman of that that time would have known the meaning of every flower in her posie and been able to decipher her unspoken message. Since most of us don't speak the language of flowers these days, our tussies mussies come with a card telling you the meaning of each flower.  The stems are wrapped in a special moss mixture that prevents the flowers from ever having to be put in water. After the bouquet stems are wrapped with fabric and a bow, they're boxed and ready for local delivery or overnight shipping. Scentiments will begin offering our special Mother's Day Tussie Mussie beginning April 1. These beautiful handheld boquets are always fragrant.  They're made of bright colors that dry pretty with no special attention so she can save her boquet and keep thinking of you. We're still working on pictures for this section, but it won't be long!

We also make custom tussie mussies for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, get well soon or any other reason you can think of! Since these specialty tussie mussies are custom made, call for individual orders. Our Holiday Tussie Mussies throughout the year will be available for purchase on line.

Coming soon we'll have a list of some of our favorite flowers and they're meanings with pictures. We will also have tussie mussie pictures.


Mother's Day Tussie Mussie

Special Occasion
Tussie Mussies:

Mother's Day Tussie Mussie

Price: 45.00

Overnight Shipping: 25.00

Local Delivery: 5.00

Meaning: ROSES-Reward Of Virtue

STOCK-Lasting Beauty



ASTERS-Sentimental Recollections




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